Custom shutters give you the ability to choose from the many different available configuration options.  From frame style, louver size, panels fold, color, and control mechanism. You are in control of the overall look the shutters will bring to your window opening.  All the decisions can sometimes feel overwhelming to first time shoppers.  We are here to assist and educate you on all the options available.

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No matter what shape or size your window may be, we can design and manufacture a product that will be a perfect fit.  Our manufacturing capability is second to none when it comes to fitting specialty shaped openings with our products.  We will always strive to meet or exceed architectural structural specifications, guaranteeing a product that's build to last a lifetime.

Wood Shutters can be made from several different wood sources.  All of our wood shutter are manufactured from North American Basswood.  There are several products on the market that feature the word wood in their name, although they actually contain little to no wood at all. They are all extremely limited in their custom features, and are only available in standard white colors, cannot be stained, and they have both the look and feel of plasticOpposed to aluminum, plastic, and other types of composites, wood is only material for shutters that is manufactured from a 100% renewal source. 


Interior Plantation Shutters will create the defining touch to flatter any decorations in your home. Shutters are a great investment and should be thought of and treated as fine furniture. The rich natural appearance and matching quality features they offer make them a perfect choice.

Shutters offer many insulation values such as energy efficiency, and they maintain interior temperature from exterior temperature extremes as well as help with outside noise.